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07a BASIC - Certification Proficiency Exam

Course Description

The purpose of structure and guidelines is to define parameters within which equine dentistry can be performed. While the practical exam will test basic understanding of the standard of routine dental maintenance it must be remembered that dentistry combines both the arts and sciences. To be performed at a high level, the practitioner must have a solid understanding of the hypsodont anatomy, geometrical physiology, bio-mechanics, and pathology combined with a knowledge of instrumentation and practical skills.

During the practical exam, the candidate must demonstrate their understanding of all the anatomical landmarks and variations that must be considered for each animal. This will be documented through charting of the horse following a thorough oral exam. Abnormal pathology must be completely documented and addressed.

The goal of equilibration is to distribute the pressure and wear of mastication onto as many viable teeth as possible in order to maximize the longevity and integrity of the equine dentition. The reduction of ONLY protuberant teeth allows the opposing excessively worn teeth room to erupt, so that over time the amount of reserve crown is as symmetrical as possible for respective teeth. This will ensure an approximately even rate of wear on the respective teeth thus extending the viability and longevity of the dentition. During the process of equilibration, it is assumed that the sharp buccal and lingual points will be removed WITHOUT a functional loss of occlusal surface.


Course Dates

  • 26/08/2023

Course Location

Okotoks, Alberta


* Application Fees are Non-Refundable so please be sure you meet all above prerequisites.

Application Fees

$975 CAD