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Welcome to CAEDP’s Offical Events Page. This page was created to provide you a place to locate CAEDP’s coming events.  Regardless of the stage of certification, you are in, this page should help you navigate through the “certification process” and more.


Full Body Anatomy Clinic with Master Bit Maker Dave Elliott: Elliott’s clinic will be presenting the Horse in a standing position.  This unique perspective will provide attendees an opportunity to view the horse from the rider’s position.  BONUS:  bitting and saddle fitting as it relates to the dentition, from the horse’s perspective
Date and price to follow


ONE or TWO DAY Equine Dental Clinics:   Spring of 2024
This clinic will focus on Dentistry for Young Horses. We don’t often have the opportunity to witness a horse’s dental development firsthand…until now. How do we address horses under the age of 6 years old?  You will have the opportunity to examine weanlings to 6 years old and enga

ge in an in-depth discussion and address those that need to be balanced.   BONUS: a special presentation and hands-on explanation of how to identify the subtle imbalances of the body, will be included.
Date and price to follow


RESEARCH and CLINIC:  Hyoid Apparatus and Understanding how does it applies to Dentistry
There are muscles that connect the hyoid apparatus to the occipital bone, tongue, shoulder and the sternum. The more we understand anatomy, the more we will realize how quickly all the parts of the body communicate with one another. We cannot affect one body part without affecting another part of the body instantly. Understanding how dental imbalances influence the hyoid apparatus therefore becomes critical to maintaining the overall health of the whole horse. (If you would like to be part of this research project, let Deb Speer know.)



I N   R E V I E W . . .

EVENT UPDATE: On July 24, 25, 26 and 27th held an Incisor Reduction Clinic and again on August 25th. On August 24, 25 and 26th 2023, CAEDP held an Examiners Course and Certification along with a Basic and Advanced Certification. Each event was enthusiastically attended. Anchor D Guiding and Outfitting located west of Turner Valley was pleased to watch 94 of his horses work their way onto the clinic/certification schedules. “I was really surprised to see how extreme many of my horse’s teeth were and am anxious to see how they are going to work. I was really surprised how crazy even some of the young horses teeth were.” The extreme dental cases Matthews refers to, offered those attending, an opportunity to work on their Advanced Dentistry skills and didn’t disappoint the advanced participant’s practical examination.

Congratulations to Certified Yanick Touchette, Certified Montana Harman, Certified Rihana Maguet, Advance Certified Ryan McAleney, Certified Examiner Daryl Sutcliffe and Certified Examiner Debbie Speer.




CAEDP congratulates eight new certified graduates of the Canadian Association of Equine Dental Practitioners. 

Experienced Equine Dentists from across Canada gathered in Alberta on August 12th to test their skills by each, successfully working their way through the Aging and Q&A Stations then confirming their proficiency by charting and balancing two different horses.  “This is a far more comprehensive approach to the equine dental certification process worldwide”, says President McMullan.  “It is important for horse owners to know that the dental specialist working on their horses have stepped up to Canada’s certification challenges. Confidence in the dental industry is paramount to the next generation of horse owners.”

CAEDP  is proud to have provided a multi-faceted testing process that began with two letters of recommendation and ended with a double-blind proof of proficiency.  The certification event is only a small window of continuous, year-long training necessary to keep their skills sharp.  “Those seeking to stay competitive in-show can be confident in CAEDP’s certified members.” 


On JULY 9th, 2021  CLINIC REVIEW  

CAEDP delivered another quality Equine Dental Workshop.  Debbie Spears Cdn-EqDP, hosted the event, held at her cattle/equine facility outside of Blue Ridge, Alberta, (south of Whitecourt).  Cavan McMullan Cdn-CMEqDP and Grant MacKinnon Cdn-CAEqDP, each demonstrated the use of equipment they personally choose to balance a horse’s mouth and passed on some of the tips they picked up through the years.  Both were available for Certification Letters of Recommendation.  We are happy to announce we will have a large group of qualified equine dentists to certify on August 12th!  Congratulations!



By all accounts, the Certification Proficiency Examination Preparation Clinic, held this past weekend was a great success!  “The Anchor D Outfitters, outdid themselves”; “there were plenty of horses to choose from”; “the instruction was top-notch” and “every participant was eager to learn something”… it doesn’t get any better than that!

The clinic started Friday afternoon with six in attendance, just west of Turner Valley, Alberta.  Participants set up their stations quickly and the lecture kicked off on time.  “The group was nothing but professional,” says Dewey Mathews, owner of the facility, “they turned me into a real believer!”

The next two days were filled with a nice balance of enthusiasm and intense, group discussions, personal evaluations, equipment checks, technique comparisons, and learning the fine are of balancing a horse’s mouth.  Those in attendance not only enjoyed a good hot lunch but were invited in for supper, where the discussions carried into each night.

A nice compliment to every event ends with another list being etched from those who attended, signing up to attend for the “next one”…


NOTE: Details have been updated on the Announcement Page of the Member Only Section of this website.