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Disciplinary Process

Disciplinary Process

Membership Disciplinary Process

When the CAEDP Corporation receives any matter requiring board action. The Director of Disciplinary Matters is responsible to take the Lead on such matters. Said Director shall take receipt and process all related correspondences, provide member notifications, initiate a numeric file, duplicate material to authorized requests, and activate the Ad Hoc Committee. Additionally: Strict confidentiality shall be adhered to by all board members and Grievance/Disciplinary Action Committee (GDAC) members and any other person(s). The Director of Disciplinary Matters shall obtain and process signed Confidentiality Documents to those necessary in each incident. Disciplinary action shall be taken against any person(s) choosing to breach said confidential requirements.

Upon receipt of submission against any member’s conduct, concerning to the CAEDP Corporation, the Director of Disciplinary Matters shall be responsible to provide a brief overview of the circumstances in the form of notification within three (3) days of receipt, to the member that the board has requested the Ad Hoc Committee/GDAC to assemble. A GDAC shall be comprised of five (5) general members in good standing in the Corporation to review all relevant circumstances with the express purpose of gathering all the facts, and making recommendations to the board. The Director of Disciplinary Matters shall be responsible to confirm all original information provided to the CAEDP Corporation has been assembled and available to the GDAC.

Members of the CAEDP Corporation have the right to receive a complete copy of the original file upon request and respond in writing within twenty (20) days of the date member was notified. If a response letter is received within twenty (20) days, it will become part of the original file and forwarded to the committee by the Director of Disciplinary Matters. The committee shall be directed to consider such submissions when arriving at a final recommendation of the board.

Upon request, members have the right to a hearing before the committee. If a request for a hearing is received within the original twenty (20) days, one will be scheduled in a reasonable amount of time to organize. All documents relating to any incident from all relevant parties shall be sought after and provided to the committee at least thirty (30) days in advance of any scheduled hearing for the purpose of review. The committee reserves the right to request additional time needed if it’s necessary to seek out and review additional information. A full and complete review of all facts shall then be taken into consideration by the committee. Two-thirds (2/3) vote of the complete committee shall be required to forward recommendations to the Director of Disciplinary Matters.

The Director of Disciplinary Matters is responsible to forward a detailed outlined Fact Sheet and Conclusion Statement of any incident, including a written and signed recommendation. Members have the right to receive a copy of the final documents from the Director, upon request.

In the event, the committee recommends a member should be expelled or suspended from membership in the CAEDP Corporation, the Director of Disciplinary Matters, shall provide twenty (20) days notice of the committee’s recommendation for suspension or expulsion to the member with a full and complete account of the proposed suspension or expulsion. The member may make written submissions to the Director of Disciplinary Matters, in response to the notice, within a twenty (20) day period. In the event that no written submissions are received by the Director of Disciplinary Matters, the Director may proceed to notify the member of the board’s decision regarding membership in the CAEDP Corporation. If written submissions are received in accordance with this section, the Director of Disciplinary Matters shall forward said written submissions to the board who shall consider such submissions in arriving at a final decision. Two-thirds (2/3) vote of the complete board shall be required for action on any grievance//disciplinary matter then notify the member concerning such decision within a further twenty (20) days from the date of receipt of the submissions. The board’s decision shall be final and binding on the member, without any further right of appeal. The Director of Disciplinary Matters will be responsible to document the disposition officially closing the file, and forward its entirety to the CAEDP Corporation’s office for storage.

The board has authority to suspend or expel any member from the CAEDP Corporation for any one or more of the following grounds:

  • Violating any provision of the articles, by-laws, or written policies of the CAEDP Corporation.
  • Carrying out any conduct which may be detrimental to the CAEDP Corporation as determined by a comprehensive review of the facts by the committee and their recommendation to the board.
  • For any other reason that the board in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be unreasonable, having disregard to the purpose of the CAEDP Corporation.
Membership Termination

Any membership can be terminated under specific circumstances.  Membership in the CAEDP Corporation is terminated when:

  • A member fails to maintain any qualifications for membership.
  • A member is expelled by reasons documented by the Director of Disciplinary Matters in a written submission to the board, after arriving at a final decision in the disciplinary process.
  • A member resigns by delivering a written resignation to the chair of the board of the CAEDP Corporation in which case such resignation shall be effective on the date specified in the resignation.
  • A member’s term of membership expires.
  • A member dies or in the case of a member that is a corporation, the corporation is dissolved.
  • The CAEDP Corporation is liquidated or dissolved.
  • Upon any termination of membership, any and all rights of the member, including any rights in the property of the CAEDP Corporation, automatically cease to exist.