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Member Benefits

Member Benefits and Responsibilities

CAEDP is a professional association, formed to unite its members and inform all who are working and living in and around the horse industry. There are many advantages to joining.

CAEDP represents a collection of professionals working toward a common goal of promoting and improving the Equine dental profession. CAEDP supports its members by providing resources, information, and opportunities not otherwise available.

CAEDP’s members are bonded together as they advocate for their profession, their peers, and their shared challenges and triumphs.  CAEDP provides its members with a competitive advantage as they become active and informed members.

CAEDP’s members who lead busy professional lives depend on the CAEDP for regular updates on important industry trends, new legislative rulings, and advancements in technology.


Advantages of Joining CAEDP


The equine dentistry journal is a print publication strictly dedicated to equine dentistry.  It concentrates on research-based data which is of great importance to the worldwide industry.  Research improves the foundation of knowledge and results in a strengthened educational system.  The Journal works to be an international forum where all interested parties can share information, experiences, methods, and knowledge.


Exemplifying the industry through research provides credibility and leads to changes in method and technique, and feeds the need for instrumentation improvements.  Research is the only objective method available to assess the viability of theories and techniques.  Individual involvement in relevant EqD research projects stimulates self-improvement as a practitioner and increases awareness for future affirmation and promotes fact-based equine dentistry.  Reporting documented clinical case histories stimulate awareness and suggest new directions for future research projects.


CAEDP provides unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing individuals to connect with their peers, mentors, and other industry leaders.  Members are in the unique position to attend EqD conventions, seminars, workshops, and other related events with like-minded professionals worldwide, either through online access or in person. Each event is attended by some of the brightest minds and a hotbed of ideas and collaborative efforts.  Networking with other professionals outside an area of practice provides a broader perspective of the market in general.  It takes time to build a local reputation and grow a business.  Listening to the experiences energizes individual interest to continue to develop a practice with a valued supportive revenue.


The benefits of education are not exemplified by short-term goals, but rather through a continuous process. One of the greatest gifts given the horse is to improve skills by participating in the educational process and by working together to provide the best possible care for the horse. The field of Equine dentistry recognizes the constant state of change. Professionals that keep up with the newest developments and scientific breakthroughs through the CAEDP’s seminars, workshops, conventions, and other continuing education opportunities provide a unique competitive advantage.  Accredited programming is beneficial throughout one’s entire career.  CAEDP also provides access to mentors, while giving all certified practitioners an opportunity to participate in the same structured mentoring program.  Having a mentor in the industry, and/or participating in the International Mentorship Program, influences positive worldwide growth and development.

Intrinsic Value

CAEDP is appreciative of the volunteers that make up organizational committees, which helps to improve the organization.  To fully receive the benefits of CAEDP’s membership, members are encouraged to be fully engaged in developing and maintaining a strong organization.   The benefits of membership can be hard to quantify because the value of what one receives is not always tangible. However, the more one puts into membership, the more one will get out of it.


Specific benefits to becoming a member

  • Access to a Nationally recognized Association promoting the health and well-being of horses through valuable, up-to-date equine dental information;
  • Access to the latest news and information from worldwide sources about the latest technology, educational opportunities, National advancements, and resources;
  • Access to the growing network of recognized Certified EqD Practitioners, for horse owners to find and access your business from the Association’s website;
  • Access to structured advancement, recognized for your EqD education and experience;
  • Access to recognized dental experts worldwide for professional guidance and assistance for your equine dental inquiries;
  • Access to a number of recognized Professional Equine Dentistry Educational Facilities;
  • Access to a comprehensive multi-level, professionally delivered Apprenticeship Program;
  • Access to proficiency-based Certification Program of pre-determined, Standards of Practice;
  • Access to current and updated, multiple-accreditation Continuing Education Programs, both on-site and online with 24/7 access;
  • Access to professional License to Practice from each Province;
  • Access to National EqD Professional Practitioner’s Liability Insurance;
  • Access to pro-active peer review, EqD Research Department intending  to advance the professionalism, skill, knowledge of the industry and latest developments;
  • Access to attending a Sedation Certification Course for qualified Canadian CEqD Practitioners;
  • Access to the support of an organization with the experience and knowledge through a Legislative team of court qualified experts focused on a pro-active approach to problem-solving;
  • Access to a unique, research-based approach to public education;
  • Access to the website’s “members only” section.

Member Responsibilities

Members agree to willingly abide by CAEDP’s By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, Standards of Practice Guidelines and all other governing documents associated with the Corporation.  The term of memberships shall be annual and subject to renewal in accordance with the oversight policies of the CAEDP Corporation.