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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

CAEDP provides internationally multiple-accreditation continuing education (C.E.) programs. Continuing Education is designed to include a combination of professional lectures and demonstrations, detailed case studies, and/or hands-on wet lab opportunities.

CAEDP continuing education is now available to attend either online or on-site. Each C.E. course will include multi-levels of presentations to accommodate certified and advanced levels as well as to those working toward certification. Members are required to attend a minimum of (24) twenty-four hours of professional continuing education every (2) two years of practice and produce unsolicited proof of attendance to CAEDP.


Reinstatement of Certification Due to Lapse of Continuing Education Requirements

  1. Lapse of more than (3) three years of Continuing Education, members shall be required to re-Certify.
  2. Lapse of less than (3) three years Continuing Education, Member must adhere to the following:

– Must not have a pending grievance.
– Must pay an administration fee to re-apply for reinstatement.
– Must complete the missing Continuing Education hours within 12 months of re-application for reinstatement.
– Shall be reviewed by the Board prior to reinstatements.