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How to Become Certified

How to Become a Certified EqDP


Become a CAEDP Member

Attend a CAEDP Pre-Approved EqD Training Facility  (Grandfathering may apply)

Complete the CAEDP Apprenticeship Program  (Grandfathering may apply)

Complete the CAEDP Certification Process
Apply to enroll in the CAEDP’s Certification Program
– Sign Standard of Practice and submit
– Sign Code of Ethics and submit
– Submit two letters of recommendation from a CAEDP Certified Equine Dentists
– Complete a brief narrative of your equine dental training and experience and submit
– Complete the online written examination
– Complete the three-part on-site practical exam (aging exam, Q&A exam and proficiency exam with wet-lab)
– You will be required to obtain professional liability insurance and
– You will be required to register and obtain a Provincial license to practice

Maintain Certification
– Annual CAEDP Membership
– Annual License to Practice
– Annual Liability Insurance
– Annual Continuing Education