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How to Become Certified

How to Become a Certified EqDP


Become a CAEDP Member

Attend a CAEDP Pre-Approved EqD Training Facility 

Complete the CAEDP Apprenticeship Program 

Complete the CAEDP Basic Certification Process
Apply to enroll in the CAEDP’s Basic Certification Program
– Sign Standard of Practice and submit
– Sign Code of Ethics and submit
– Submit two letters of recommendation from a CAEDP Certified Equine Dentists
– Complete a brief narrative of your equine dental training and experience and submit
– Complete the online written examination
– Complete the three-part on-site practical exam (aging exam, Q&A exam and proficiency exam with wet-lab)
– You will be required to obtain professional liability insurance and
– You will be required to register and obtain a Provincial license to practice

Maintain Certification
– Annual CAEDP Membership
– Annual License to Practice
– Annual Liability Insurance
– Annual Continuing Education

CAEDP Advanced Certification Process The Advanced Certification Program will challenge participants to take both their knowledge and skills of the industry to the next level.  Participants will be required:
– Apply to enroll in the CAEDP’s Advanced Certification Program
– Deliver a professional 45 minute lecture (on a topic provided) at Basic Certification;
– Present a equilibration with complete narrative (to the group) from the explanation perspective “to the client”;
– Wetlab/Clinic Series and Basic Certification delivery assistance.