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Certification Program Admissions Application

Certification Program Admissions Application

Certification isn’t just training/exam, it’s a process and not for everyone. As a member of CAEDP, it will always be considered a privilege to be a representative of the Canadian Association of Equine Dental Practitioners. Becoming a Certified member is a unique blend of learning, understanding, exposure, practical experience, personal and financial investment. CAEDP is the first to develop a comprehensive, yet practical approach to managing an independent, self-governed Equine Dental Industry worldwide. We have identified the need for industry continuity that focuses on the betterment and overall well-being of the horse and the trust of the owner.

There are members that have been providing routine dental maintenance in Canada, since 1989. As we continue to strive for excellence, there will always be a demand to not only enhance the ability of top performers, but to maintain those who use horses to make a living.

The Canadian Association of Equine Dental Practitioners has developed:

  • Structured advancement, recognized education and experience.
  • Professional Equine Dentistry Educational Facility.
  • Comprehensive multi-level Apprenticeship Program.
  • Proficiency based Certification Program of pre-determined, Standards of Practice.
  • Multiple-accreditation Continuing Education Program.
  • Professional License to Practice for each Province.
  • National EqD Professional Practitioner’s Liability Insurance.
  • Pro-active peer review, EqD Research Dept to advance the professionalism, skill and knowledge of the industry.
  • Sedation Certification Course for qualified Canadian CEqD Practitioners.
  • Legislative team of court qualified experts focused on a pro-active approach to problem solving.
  • Unique research–based approach to educate the public.

We are setting the bar high and know that the industry World Wide will follow our lead.