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President’s Message

In Canada, we are embarking on a new chapter in the history of equine dentistry. The projects we’ve chosen to take on are very important to the horse industry. It will likely change the way balance is maintained, as it relates to equine dentistry. This is a positive first step toward returning to excellence in a craft that finds precision and workmanship at it’s core.

Many attempts to establish a Standard of Practice have failed, with several different groups now practicing equine dentistry. But the logistics still support Full-Mouth-Balance or Equilibration as a confirmed Art form, performed by skilled masters in this field.

The rules that govern the mouth’s function, are simply driven by basic geometric and engineering principles. Therefore, by returning to the fundamental principles of the trade, it will benefit the overall health of horses living within our two coastal boundaries.

This Canadian group of experienced equine dental practitioners are prepared to provide evidence based theories and techniques that reach back Centuries in time, when tradition demanded excellence. However… this is the first day of a new chapter in Canada, for those who are passionate about equine dentistry as profession.


Shorty Olson

CAEDP President

CAEDP’s Mission Statement

CAEDP, Inc.’s overall objective is to bring likeminded practitioners together that have a true and authentic passion for this work; while we focus on building a strong reputation on the fundamental standards and principles of Equilibration; and forever search to maintain continuity in the professional services we provide for the horse’s overall health, comfort and wellbeing while providing horse owners confidence in this formal group of Cdn EqD Providers.