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02 EqD Apprenticeship Program

Course Description

Attending a comprehensive, multi-level apprenticeship program is required at the completion of each level of formal EqD training series. The apprenticeship program is designed around a minimum of 100 supervised charted horses in weekly, wet lab settings (practical experience), to include detailed assistance on each case.  To be eligible for an apprenticeship, you first need to satisfy the minimum academic requirements.

“Perfect practice makes perfect.” These words could never be more true than when speaking about apprenticing. Schools are designed to provide you with the necessary fundamental principles behind learning a trade. Apprenticeship programs are designed to give you the experience needed to repetitively apply the skills you’ve learned at school. It’s this, “on the job” work experience that makes apprenticeships so valuable and why Canadian equine dental practitioners are required to take the time to apprentice under a knowledgeable mentor.

Apprenticeships are arranged on an individual basis and priced accordingly. By partnering dedicated certified equine dental practitioners with equine dental students, these apprenticeships encourage experienced practitioners an opportunity to share their vast wealth of knowledge while providing practical field experience.

The price will vary based on how each apprenticeship is designed and organized.  $1175.00 non-refundable deposit required
(1) Mentor sets up one week of horses for the student to work on with over-site;
(2) Student is allowed to work on horses alongside the mentor with over-site for one week;
(3) Student sets up one week of horses for the student to work on with mentor over-site;
(4) Any mentoring travel or board expenses // additionally any student travel or board expenses.




* Application Fees are Non-Refundable so please be sure you meet all above prerequisites.

Non Refundable Deposit Fee

$1175 CAD