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Grandfathering Clause

It is understood when introducing a new organization, there will be previously trained Equine Dental Practitioners working in all areas across Canada. However, it is mandatory for anyone wishing to continue to provide routine equine dental maintenance in the profession commonly known as Equine Dental Practitioner in Canada regardless of educational background, specialty, or experience to complete the EqD Certification Program.

CAEDP shall provide provisions for these previously trained Equine Dental Practitioners to work to obtain a certification with the Corporation without requiring basic EqD re-training or apprenticeship participation, for a limited amount of time, expiration of this Clause shall be December 30th, 2022 with the following conditions:  (Recommended but not required: Certification Proficiency Examination Preparation Clinic):

  • Complete the Admission Application to participate in the CAEDP’s Certification Program, clearly marking the “Challenging Exam” box.
    (1)- Provide Two Letters of Recommend from a practicing CEqD, and
    (2)- Complete a Brief Narrative identifying your EqD education & practical experience
  • Complete Online Certification Written Examination.
  • Complete the Three-Part Onsite Certification Practical Examinations
    (Part 1)– Q&A Oral Exam (you will be asked to answer two prepared questions. Participants will be challenged to consider the following when answering:
    • What are you presented with (evaluation);
    • What would you expect to find from your evaluation (recognition);
    • And what would you do to resolve the issues (resolution).

(Part 2)– Aging Exam (you will be asked to provide the ages of 4 horse skulls, 4 prepared paragraphs, and the two horses you are assigned to balance);
(Part 3)– Proficiency Exam (balance 2horses)